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I have ten years experience in the vfx industry. I began as a commercial flame artist and then switched to feature film and television compositing using nuke. Throughout that time I have worked in a number of roles from compositing through to 2d supervision.


I have great communication skills and leadership abilities and can turn around shots quickly, to a very high creative and technical standard. I can work independently or in a team and I have a good knowledge of the whole vfx workflow. 


I am able to work remotely or on site, and I can take any level of compositing work from roto and prep through to finishing shots.


- cg and dmp integration

- deep compositing

- set extensions

- keying

- 2d and 3d tracking

- grading 

- roto and prep

- stereoscopic compositing and conversion 



- nuke studio

- nuke 

- shake

- vue

- photoshop

- flame





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